* Use the Tabs across the top of this page as an index into our Parish Photo Album.
* Special Events are listed within the Index.  Mouse-over the tabs across the top and you'll see all Special Events that happened that year - just click one!
     (Note: some month names may not be clickable, as they may only be "place-holders" for Special Events within those months - listed under the month names.) 
Additional Photo Album Tips and Instructions:
This Photo Album is based on Google Picasa, but you don't need to know how to use Picasa to use this album.  This site - and in particular the navigation buttons across the top - will help you quickly navigate the album.

From the buttons on the top of this screen, choose a year (or a special category, like "Pre-2010" or "File Photos").  Each year has at least some months listed under it.  If we have collected photos for which we know only the year but not the month, then simply clicking on the year will take you to those photos.  Otherwise, clicking on the year will do nothing - you must select a month under that year.

If you come across a Picasa album that includes a video, (as noted in the image's caption), you will need to click on the image itself to play the video.

Once you click on a month or a Special Event, you will be taken to the Picasa Web Album program.  You'll see small "thumbnail" pictures of everything in that album.  You can click on any one of the picture thumbnails to enlarge it, and that will also put you into "slideshow" mode so you can scroll through each picture in that album and see their captions.
To return to this index page, either click the "Back" button until you arrive back here, or simply go to http://pics.SPXChurchBowie.org at any time.
* This is a growing, dynamic Photo Album.  We will not only load new photos as they happen, but we will go backwards in time as we collect and load more pictures from the past.